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This is a minor update to add the capability to go-template to download a release tarball from GitHub rather than using git clone to add the go-script-bash framework to a project working directory.

The ./go script: a unified development environment interface

Source: https://github.com/mbland/go-script-bash

A ./go script aims to abstract away many of the steps needed to develop (and sometimes deploy) a software project. It is a replacement for READMEs and other documents that may become out-of-date, and when maintained properly, should provide a cohesive and discoverable interface for common project tasks.

The ./go script idea came from Pete Hodgson's blog posts In Praise of the ./go Script: Part I and Part II.

Note: The ./go script concept is completely unrelated to the Go programming language, though the Go language's go command encapsulates many common project functions in a similar fashion.

This software is made available as Open Source software under the ISC License. If you'd care to contribute to this project, be it code fixes, documentation updates, or new features, please read the CONTRIBUTING.md file.

What's new in this release

All of the issues and pull requests for this release are visible in the v1.6.0 milestone.

Download a go-script-bash release tarball from GitHub in go-template

Thanks to Juan Saavedra, go-template now has the capability to download and unpack a release tarbal from GitHub in order to add the go-script-bash framework to a project's working directory, rather than relying on git clone. Now git clone will be used as a backup in case the system doesn't have the tools to download and unpack the tarball, or the operation fails for some reason.

Bug fixes

None in this release.

Changes since v1.5.0

You can see the details of every change by issuing one or more of the following commands after cloning: https://github.com/mbland/go-script-bash

$ ./go changes v1.5.0 v1.6.0
$ gitk v1.5.0..HEAD