Lightweight PHP web application framework based on Limonade and Bootstrap.
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Limoncello is a lightweight PHP web application framework based on Limonade and Bootstrap. Limoncello combines the power of Limonade's application framework with the style and standards of Twitter's Bootstrap toolkit, and adds a few goodies of it's own.

What's in the box

Limoncello comes with a lot of features and tools that most web developers need when creating a new application. This makes it even easier for you to get started on your application. Here's what Limoncello has to offer:

  • User account management, permissions, and login functionality
  • Client-side validation through jQuery
  • Nifty success, warning, and error dialogs
  • CSS framework from Twitter's Bootstrap


Setting up Limoncello is fast and easy. You will need one MySQL database and a PHP hosting provider in order to run Limoncello. Once that is all set, follow the steps below:

  1. Create the necessary tables in your database by running the SQL script at db/database.sql.

  2. Enter your database connection information in the config/config.php file, you can look at config/config.php.sample for an example.

  3. Upload this framework to the root of your website and voila! You are now running Limoncello!


Developing with Limoncello is extremely simple, since it's built on the idea of a MVC framework, without the models. This makes developing an application with Limoncello lightning fast. The controllers for your application are located in the controllers/ folder and the views are located in the views/ folder. Take a look at the stock Users controllers and views to get a better understanding.

Routes for the web application are defined in the index.php file and can be tailored to fit your application's needs. Again, take a look at the stock Users routes to see how it's done.


Limoncello is available free of charge and licensed under the GNU General Public License v3. For more information about this license and the terms of use of this software, please review the LICENSE.txt file.