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Files necessary for building OpenLDAP on Windows
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OpenLDAP for Windows

This repository contains files necessary for building OpenLDAP on Windows. Currently this only builds the liblber, libldap, and libldap_r static libraries and DLLs.


OpenLDAP cannot currently be built on Windows without applying patches, but I am working on getting them commited upstream for inclusion in future releases.

Patches for Building 2.4.32

Submitted upstream as ITS#7358, commited for inclusion in 2.4.33.

Patches for Building 2.4.31

Submitted upstream as ITS#7332, commited for inclusion in 2.4.32.


The files in this repository should be placed into the OpenLDAP source tree and the build invoked by:

copy include\lber_types.nt include\lber_types.h
copy include\ldap_config.nt include\ldap_config.h
copy include\ldap_features.nt include\ldap_features.h
copy include\portable.nt include\portable.h
nmake -f PREFIX=C:\openldap buildall installall
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