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To start your Phoenix app:

  1. Install required Erlang and Elixir versions:
    1. Install asdf package manager
    2. Run asdf plugin-add erlang to add Erlang plugin
    3. Run asdf plugin-add elixir to add Elixir plugin
    4. Run asdf install to install plugin versions speicifed in .tool-versions file
  2. Install dependencies with mix deps.get
  3. Setup apps/api_accounts following directions in apps/api_accounts/ (on GitHub or ExDoc)
  4. Start Phoenix endpoint with mix phoenix.server

Now you can visit localhost:4000 from your browser.

Environment Variables

In addition to the Elixir config files, the V3 API allows runtime configuration through a collection of environment variables.

Environment Variable Default Description
NODE_COOKIE prod_cookie Cookie binary for the Erlang VM.
HTTP_ACCEPTS json json-api event-stream Space-separated Phoenix types the API will accept.
LOG_LEVEL info Log level to use. Can be changed to debug.
PORT 4000 The HTTP port the server will listen on.
HOST undefined The public-facing hostname for the server, used to generate URLs.
MBTA_GTFS_URL URL for the GTFS .zip file.
ALERTS_URL URL for the Alerts. Can be either a JSON or Protobuf file.
MBTA_TRIP_SOURCE URL for the TripUpdates. Can be either a JSON or Protobuf file.
MBTA_VEHICLE_SOURCE URL for the VehiclePositions. Can be either a JSON or Protobuf file.
IBM_PARKING_SOURCE undefined URL for parking information.
FETCH_FILETAP_S3_BUCKET undefined S3 bucket to which we write files we fetched.



Swagger documentation for the Api is generated automatically.

  1. mix phoenix.server
  2. open http://localhost:4000/docs/swagger

Want to contribute?

Thank you for wanting to contribute! We use the built in mix format for code formatting, and ExUnit for testing.

# Format all code
$ mix format

# Run all unit tests
$ mix test

# Run the integration tests
$ mix test --exclude test --include integration

Learn more

About us

The MBTA Customer Technology team is working to transform how people get around the Boston area. We’re a small but mighty team of designers, engineers and content specialists charged with bringing novel ideas, modern standards and a user-centered approach to technology on the T. As the MBTA works to reinvent itself, we have a rare opportunity to shape the future of transportation for Boston and communities all around Eastern Massachusetts, as well as blaze a trail for other transit agencies around the country.

We’re always looking for people to join the team who are passionate about improving the daily transportation experience for our 400 million annual riders. Does this sound like you? Check our our open positions at

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