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Specification, archive, and resource information for the MBTA's implementation of GTFS
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MBTA GTFS documentation

Updated specification extension, archive, and licensing documentation for the MBTA's implementation of the General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS). Developers can follow this repository to stay updated on upcoming changes to the MBTA GTFS feed format.

This repository contains four files:

  • reference/ describes the MBTA's implementation of GTFS, supplementing the official GTFS specification by providing local conventions and information about non-standard files and fields.
  • reference/ provides information to access archived versions of the GTFS feed for those interested in viewing historical schedules.
  • developers-license-agreement.pdf is the license agreement governing the developers' usage of the MBTA's GTFS feeds.

Information on other data available from the MBTA, and resources for developers can be found at the MBTA Developers page.

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