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Sample use of revolt library
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REPL session

This is a sample project making use of defunkt/revolt library.

All the magic happens in deps.edn which contains a few dev aliases with extra-dependencies required by certain plugins.

  • :dev - general development dependencies (revolt as dependency goes here)
  • :dev/nrepl - nrepl and cider-related dependencies.
  • :dev/cljs - clojurescript related dependencies along with all clojurescript libs used in project.
  • :dev/pack - packaging dependencies (capsule).

Now, depending on needs some or all of theses aliases may be used by clj tool with -A parameter.

Here are some examples:

activate nrepl plugin only (eg. to be able to connect from Cider)

clj -A:dev:dev/nrepl -p nrepl

clean target dir and activate rebel

clj -A:dev:dev/cljs -p rebel -t clean

activate filesystem watcher, nRepl, figwheel, rebel plugins, regenerate CSSes and initialize tests

clj -A:dev:dev/nrepl:dev/cljs -p watch,nrepl,figwheel,rebel -t clean,sass,test

build a codox documentation (run a codox task)

clj -A:dev:dev/cljs -t codox:name=foo:version=1.2.2

build a codox documentation based on preconfigured project information

clj -A:dev:dev/cljs -t info,codox

build a fat, aot-ed capsule - aka "all deps included" (run clean, info, sass, cljs aot and capsule tasks)

clj -A:dev:dev/cljs:dev/pack -t clean,info,aot,sass,cljs:compiler.optimizations=advanced,assets,capsule

build a thin capsule (run clean, info, sass, cljs and capsule tasks)

clj -A:dev:dev/cljs:dev/pack -t clean,info,sass,cljs:compiler.optimizations=advanced,assets,capsule:capsule-type=thin
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