new version 8.4.0

@mbusb mbusb released this Dec 26, 2016

Download the latest version of multibootusb (8.4.0). Some of the changes since last release are:-

  • Bug fix in selection of persistence size
  • Fixed crashing of application when selecting extended drive
  • Introduction of log file (/tmp/multibootusb.log on linux and C:\Program Files (x86)\multibootusb\multibootusb.log under Windows)
  • Added F Secure Rescue CD
  • Added Tail
  • Support for latest wifislax
  • Fix for ROSA boot issue
  • Various other minor bug fixes


Download the latest version 8.3.0

@mbusb mbusb released this Dec 3, 2016 · 2 commits to master since this release

Download the latest version of multibootusb (8.3.0). Some of the changes since last release are:-

  • Added React OS
  • Added option to list all drived, including fixed
  • Modified USB detection code under Windows
  • Fixed all reported bugs
  • No more exit confirmation if no process is pending
  • Information about the requirement of admin privilege


Releasing multibootusb version 8.2.0

@mbusb mbusb released this Nov 27, 2016 · 7 commits to master since this release

The latest version of multibootusb is here. Some of the highlights in this release are:-

Added Fedora persistence (must not use NTFS filesystem)
Added Sergei Strelec
Fixed the knoppix booting issue
Unhardcode icon file type in GNU/Linux laucher, so that theming can be added
Fixed the bug which crashed multibootusb when distro contain non utf charecters
Added support for Alt Linux


Multibootusb version 8.1.0 is released

@mbusb mbusb released this Nov 20, 2016 · 14 commits to master since this release

The latest version of multibootusb is here. Some of the chages made in this release are listed below:-

  • Fix for debain package bug which does not pull in dependency packages
  • Included 7zip for extracting ISO files (including UDF)
  • Fix for windows installer
  • Added Comodo Rescue Disk ISO
  • Fix for kaspersky rescue disk
  • Generic fix for distros using isolinux version 3
  • A new installer/setup executable for windows
  • Fix for random crash when trying to detect syslinux version
  • Many other improvements and bug fixes...

For Windows users:-

There is some issue with the single file executable in addition to increase in size.
I also found that starting multibootusb from actual install works much faster.
Therefore, unlike previous releases this release comes only as setup file. You have to install it on your machine.
I have also included uninstall script so that any time you can remove multibootusb without any issue.


Download upgraded version 8.0.0...

@mbusb mbusb released this Sep 30, 2016 · 17 commits to master since this release

Some of the chages made in this release are listed below:-

  • This version is written in python 3
  • GUI toolkit moved to pyqt5
  • Upgraded to support python 3 (Thanks to LiQiong Lee)
  • Option to choose the desired persistence size using slide
  • Introduces command line option (install and uninstall distros as of now and will be extended later)
  • Progress can be monitered when running from terminal
  • Multibootusb should be started with admin/ root privilage under Linux
  • Fixed the bug which causing USB disk to set read only
  • Fixed 'Undef symbol FAIL: __syslinux_debug_enabled' error for gparted, clonezilla and some other (Thanks to yurikhan for pointing to right direction)
  • Fixed the bug which crashes multibootusb when non-ascii charecters are present in the ISO link
  • Fixed the bug which prevent multibootusb not to install syslinux
  • Now debain installer can be installed
  • Updated dependency packages stddeb, pyinstaller and pyudev to latest version
  • Fixed hiren's boot cd bug (but user has to avoid "'" in the path)
  • Updated script to include all missing dependencies
  • pkexec is required now undaining Linux for obtaining admin permission
  • Fixed dban not supported error
  • Fixed AVG rescue disk not supported error
  • Added Offline Windows Password and registry editor (latest version)
  • Added F4UBCD iso
  • Fixed the crash when mountpath contain space
  • Dropped udisk version 1 for obtaining details of USB disks
  • Now the GUI responds smoothly when using ISO Imager option (dd)
  • Fixed superficial duplicate devices on Refresh USB under ISO Imager tab
  • Corrected some typo errors
  • version bumped to 8.0.0 as it is a major upgrade
  • Added support for bl-Hydrogen Linux
  • Many other improvements and bug fixes...

For Windows users:-

Size of the upgraded version is little heavier than previous versions. This is mainly due to upgrade of python3 and pyqt5.
I have also disabled UPX compression as it took lot of time for launching application.

This version also introduces the command line options as well (only for Linux). At the moment, install and uninstall can be done from terminal.
Example to install distro from command line should like like is:-

sudo multibootusb -c -i ../../favourite.iso -t /dev/sdb1

Example to uninstall distro from command line should like like is:-

sudo multibootusb -c -u -t /dev/sdb1

To know the supported command line options are simply invoke '-h' or '--help' like this:-

sudo multibootusb -h


Version 7.5.0 is ready with ISO Imager...

@mbusb mbusb released this Apr 10, 2015 · 17 commits to master since this release

Introducing ISO Imager. With this release users will be able to write ISO images to USB disk. This is similar to Image Writer but cross platform. This features can be accessed under ISO Imager tab.
Some of the notable changer since previous versions are:-

  • Now you can write ISO images directly to USB and it is cross platform too.
  • util-linux is required now under Linux.
  • Most of the reported bugs has been fixed.
  • Inclusion of 64 bit syslinux (except version 5 as I could not find any) under Linux.
  • Added alphine Linux and memtest
  • Included missing, and dd directory to source package.


Download the version 7.4.0...

@mbusb mbusb released this Mar 6, 2015 · 17 commits to master since this release

There has been lot of effort in this release to make source code readable and included doc strings. Here are some of the changes since version 7.3.0:-

  • Portion of the code has been rewritten.
  • Added support for ext2/3/4 and Btrf filesystem.
  • Corrected wrong naming of persistence files.
  • Bug fix for PartedMagic update script.
  • Few typo has been corrected.
  • Included doc strings.
  • Now install and uninstall script is written in python.
  • Upgraded the debian build script (stdeb) to latest version.
  • Lot of other minor bug fixes.
  • GUI is slightly larger now.
  • Generic way to remove files outside multibootusb directory.
  • Various improvements to build script.

Feel free to make an issue and pull request.



MultiBootUSB 7.3.0 is ready…

@mbusb mbusb released this Feb 13, 2015 · 17 commits to master since this release

After a month of development, it is the time to release version 7.3.0. It has a new source code and lot of bug fix. A notable fix is for ubuntu 14.10 and above. Due to some bug in the rpm packaging, it is advisable to run multibootusb from source code for rpm based distros. Some of the highlights of this release are:-

  • Rewrite of the source code. It is easier to read source code now.
  • UDisks2 has been added for detecting and getting USB details under Linux.
  • Patch for ubuntu 14.10 and above which uses isolinux version 6.
  • Added persistence for ubuntu and its derivatives. Maximum persistence can be up to 4GB.
  • No USB label error has been solved. It now works with USB drives even without names.
  • Corrected wait time to 30 sec.
  • Updating GUI is now handled by QThread
  • Added following distros:-
    – Trinity Rescue Kit
    – DBan
  • Check for QEMU installation before doing any QEMU related operations.
  • Feedback after installing syslinux (under syslinux tab).
  • psutil dependency has been dropped.
  • As usual for rest of the commits please go to this page.



MultiBootUSB preview release

@mbusb mbusb released this Feb 1, 2014 · 17 commits to master since this release

This is the first preview release after migrating code base to python.
What is new in this release?

  1. Code base is now in python 2.7
  2. Code is hosted at github so that anybody can view the progress of the development.
  3. Various bugs present in the older version (6.4.1) has been fixed
  4. Stand alone for windows and Linux.
  5. PyQt choosen as GUI toolkit.
  6. Official wesite is up and running at
  7. New logo.
  8. Single code base for Linux and windows
  9. Various other improvements which i don't remember exactly :-)

What is not working:-

  1. OpenSuse 13.1 and above is not supported at the moment. This will be adressed soon.
  2. You may encounter a bug or issues. Please open as issue here or contact me via