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This release comes after a gap of almost three months. During this period, lot of bug has been fixed and few improvements has been made to the code. Thanks to Shiniji Suzuki for his work on the project. Some of the major changes since version 9.1.0 are:-

  • Fix for crash under Windows
  • Reimplemented Debian persistence feature under Linux and Windows
  • Improved partition detection type
  • Allow target drive specification using lower case letter in command line interface
  • Added option to specify persistence option from commanl ine interface using 'persistence-size' or 'p'
  • Better conversion of syslinux config files to grub compatible one (loopback.cfg)
  • Prevent command line interface from installing over existing installation (similar to GUI)
  • Fix distro detection going out of sync after uninstalling a distro
  • Multibootusb remembers persistence size when trying next distro (having persistence feature)
  • Better detection og GPT devices under Windows
  • Fix linux (ubuntu16.04) incompatibility (7zip coding)
  • Fix crashing of multibootusb when installing default syslinux
  • Provide feedback after successful or failure of syslinux install
  • General code cleanup
  • Find and prompt for empty ISO files
  • Fixed various typographical errors
  • Fix wifi slax install issue
  • Fix Antergos booting issue
  • Fix slitaz rolling detection and install
  • Fix wifi slax install issue
  • Fix for syslinux install when USB disk is not inserted
  • Fix parted magic grub label (Thanks to gabrielmagno)
  • Intimate users if USB disk not inserted when trying to install syslinux
  • Add support for AntiX 17.1
  • Added Parabola Linux
  • Sync with other multibootusb project

@mbusb mbusb released this Jan 3, 2018 · 102 commits to master since this release

Assets 7

This release include the fix for crash on windows platform when system language is not an English. Changes since last release are:-

  • Included missing EFI modules
  • Fix for application crashing crashing on windows system
  • New option to boot distros directly from ISOs. To avail this option, you need to copy ISO files in /multibootusb/iso

@mbusb mbusb released this Dec 30, 2017 · 112 commits to master since this release

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Some of the major changes since version 8.9.0 are:-

  • Improved UEFI support
  • New efi binary based on latest grub2 source
  • Added grub2 efi modules
  • Fix for crash when Windows language is non English
  • Fis for rpm based packaeges which crashes when running the programme
  • Improved the GPT detection under Windows
  • Corrected partedmagic path issues
  • Improved GPT detection under Linux
  • Check for root privilege when using CLI
  • Fix crash when installing ISO from CLI due to GPT check
  • Fix crash when installing syslinux from CLI due to GPT check
  • Install extlinux under Linux for NTFS filesystem
  • Correct usage instructions in help text
  • Windows version no more would show command window
  • Added option to choose install distro using memdisk
  • Added Xenial Puppy
  • Added OSFclone
  • Added Redcore Linux
  • Added Slacko Puppy

@mbusb mbusb released this Nov 17, 2017 · 132 commits to master since this release

Assets 7

Some of the significant changes since last release are:-

  • Support for GPT based USB disks. But my experience with GPT disk was erratic. Some time it works and some time not. Try your luck
  • Added new command line option to install sysinux on multibootusb director (use -s or --syslinux)
  • Added new command line option write ISO images directly to USB disk (use -r or --raw)
  • Boot un supported ISO or IMG directly using memdisk
  • Added feature for selecting ISO, IMG or Zip from file chooser dialog
  • Corrected path to menu.lst file for distrs based on grub4dos
  • Fix for crash when multicard reader is inserted on the system without a SD card
  • Correctly detect USB disk information using udisk2-dbus without crash under Linux
  • Fixed an issue where path contain spaces would result in qemu boot error
  • If distro is not supported, ISO is automatically added using memdisk. You can uninstall later if it does not work
  • Added Nano Linux
  • Added KonBoot
  • Startup time of windows version of multibootusb will be little slow as it has to check for GPT disk.

@mbusb mbusb released this May 10, 2017 · 163 commits to master since this release

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Major changes since version 8.7.1 are:-

  • Fix for crash when listing fixed partition
  • Simplified 7zip listing to include directories as well
  • Correctly remove files installed outside multibootusb directory when uninstalling
  • Added option to select zip files when choosing ISO files
  • Added option to choose between two methods when syslinux shipped by ISO is version 3 or below
  • Fix for trinity boot issue
  • Updated README file
  • Modified setup file for including grub2 modules in correct place
  • Add python path so as to avoid import error under debian
  • Fixed shipping of grub2 modules under correct directory (on Linux)
  • Display version info only before launching the application
  • Updated user guide
  • Added FAQ section in the official site
  • Reduced 7zip call when extracting files
  • Improved usage info string of command line option (Thanks to Keshav Kini)
  • Various code cleanup and removed redundancy codes
  • Added RISING Antivirus CD
  • Added INSERT ISO
  • Added Liberte
  • Added Alpine
  • Added Trinity Rescue Disk
  • Added AntiVirus Live CD (Calm AV)
  • Added PC-Tools
  • Various code cleanups

@mbusb mbusb released this May 4, 2017 · 192 commits to master since this release

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This release is mainly a bug fix release. No new distros are added. However, new features for command line usage is added. It is possible to install multiple distros at a time using command line options. The major bug fix is for rpm based distros which had an import error with previous version of multibootusb install. Few of the changes since version 8.7.0 are:-

  • Warning text under 'Write image to disk' tab
  • Fix for rpm based distro which did not run due to import error
  • Fix for suse package and it now checks for correct package dependencies
  • Copy only multibootusb directory to USB if user accept installation choice
  • Display human readable size for an ISO in terminal
  • New command line option to skip confirmation message 'try multibootusb -c -h' for more details
  • New command line option to install multiple distros at a time (Windows user should be able to run only under source code)
  • Fix for crash when installing under Install syslinux tab
  • Prevent read only filesystem under Linux
  • Corrected setup file copy location preventing crash
  • Improved multibootusb-pkexec script for working under rpm and deb based distros
  • Create correct policy file during build time for various packages
  • Improved user guide at
  • Various code cleanups

@mbusb mbusb released this Apr 29, 2017 · 223 commits to master since this release

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Some of the changes since version 8.6.0 are:-

  • Welcome "Alin Trăistaru (alindt)". He is now one of the major contributor for the project
  • Hide GUI widgets when installation in progress
  • Show USB disk size in USB details
  • Reduced CPU usage drastically
  • Open default text editor application under Linux for editing syslinux file
  • Reduced various redundant function calls
  • Dropped p7zip-plugin for suse and mageia (package not available in repo)
  • Improved CLI user experience. Windows users should run from source to enable this option
  • Added custom functions for writing custom loopback.cfg file
  • Various code cleanup
  • Removed windows line ending which prevented application not to start under Linux
  • Corrected systemrescuecd subdir path
  • Full credit to and added as
  • Added colour to terminal output
  • Bundled Colorama module
  • Added vba32rescue ISO
  • Added PC Tools ISO
  • Few other minor improvements to code

@mbusb mbusb released this Apr 23, 2017 · 248 commits to master since this release

Assets 7

==> A very big thanks to "Alin Trăistaru (alindt)". All credits goes to him for redesigning of GUI and code cleanups <==

  • Fresh and friendly user interface (GUI)
  • Initial support for UEFI/EFI boot
  • Added GRUB2 boot loader
  • Auto creation of loopback.cfg file for GRUB2 support
  • Direct ISO write to USB now uses '"oflag=sync"' flag
  • Use system pyudev library by default
  • Fixed syslinux install failure in distro dir on ext2/3/4
  • Fixed crash when writing ISO to USB on Windows
  • Detect isolinux version 2 and install version 3 instead.
  • Improvements to persistence logic
  • Simplified USB disk detection
  • Improved CentOS detection
  • Improved user experience through rewording display messages
  • Fix for creating persistence on mount points containing spaces
  • Fixed kaspersky install issue
  • Improved fedora detection script
  • Added support for Virtualized USB. #110
  • Added PLOP boot manager
  • Added Dam Small Linux
  • Added netboot.iso
  • Added latest memtest
  • Added slack mini boot
  • Added Fat Dog
  • Added Finnix

@mbusb mbusb released this Feb 5, 2017 · 300 commits to master since this release

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Download the latest version of multibootusb (8.5.0). Some of the changes since last release are:-

  • Added Solus OS
  • Added Ka OS
  • Added PC Unlocker
  • Fixed bug - Same drives appearing multiple times under imager tab
  • Fixed HBCD boot issue
  • Fix crash when using ISO Imager option to write ISO files (fix by bagage)
  • Small improvement in detecting USB disks under Linux (by gktrk)
  • Auto mount USB drives if not mounted under Linux

@mbusb mbusb released this Dec 26, 2016 · 309 commits to master since this release

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Download the latest version of multibootusb (8.4.0). Some of the changes since last release are:-

  • Bug fix in selection of persistence size
  • Fixed crashing of application when selecting extended drive
  • Introduction of log file (/tmp/multibootusb.log on linux and C:\Program Files (x86)\multibootusb\multibootusb.log under Windows)
  • Added F Secure Rescue CD
  • Added Tail
  • Support for latest wifislax
  • Fix for ROSA boot issue
  • Various other minor bug fixes