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""" Tool for proxying images and resizing if needed """
import os
import hashlib
import htpc
import imghdr
import logging
from cherrypy.lib.static import serve_file
from urllib2 import Request, urlopen
import Image
PIL = True
except ImportError:
from PIL import Image
PIL = True
except ImportError:
PIL = False
def get_image(url, height=None, width=None, opacity=100, auth=None, headers=None):
""" Load image form cache if possible, else download. Resize if needed """
opacity = float(opacity)
logger = logging.getLogger('htpc.proxy')
# Create image directory if it doesnt exist
imgdir = os.path.join(htpc.DATADIR, 'images/')
if not os.path.exists(imgdir):
logger.debug("Creating image directory at " + imgdir)
# Create a hash of the path to use as filename
imghash = hashlib.md5(url).hexdigest()
# Set filename and path
image = os.path.join(imgdir, imghash)
# If there is no local copy of the original
if not os.path.isfile(image):
logger.debug("No local image found for " + image + ". Downloading")
download_image(url, image, auth, headers)
# Check if resize is needed
if (height and width) or (opacity < 100):
if PIL:
# Set filename for resized file
resized = image + '_w' + width + '_h' + height + '_o' + str(opacity)
# If there is no local resized copy
if not os.path.isfile(resized):
resize_image(image, height, width, opacity, resized)
# Serve the resized file
image = resized
logger.error("Can't resize when PIL is missing on system!")
if (opacity < 100):
image = os.path.join(htpc.RUNDIR, 'interfaces/default/img/fff_20.png')
# Load file from disk
imagetype = imghdr.what(image)
if imagetype is not None:
return serve_file(path=image, content_type='image/' + imagetype)
def download_image(url, dest, auth=None, headers=None):
""" Download image and save to disk """
logger = logging.getLogger('htpc.proxy')
logger.debug("Downloading image from " + url + " to " + dest)
request = Request(url)
if (auth):
request.add_header("Authorization", "Basic %s" % auth)
if (headers):
for key, value in headers.iteritems():
request.add_header(key, value)
with open(dest, "wb") as local_file:
except Exception:
def resize_image(img, height, width, opacity, dest):
""" Resize image, set opacity and save to disk """
size = int(width), int(height)
imagetype = imghdr.what(img)
im =
im = im.resize(size, Image.ANTIALIAS)
# Apply overlay if opacity is set
opacity = float(opacity)
if (opacity < 100):
enhance = opacity / 100
# Create white overlay image
overlay ='RGB', size, '#FFFFFF')
# apply overlay to resized image
im = Image.blend(overlay, im, enhance)
if imagetype == 'jpeg':, 'JPEG', quality=95), imagetype)
return dest
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