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A Command Line Interface that makes it easy to manage a helpful Changelog


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Changelog CLI

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A command line interface for managing your files. Designed to make it easy to manage your repositories release history according to Keep a Changelog v1.1.0.


install using pip via:

pip install changelog-cli

How To

To keep an accurate changelog, whenever you commit a change that affects how end users use your project, use this command line tool to add a line to the changelog.

If you added a new feature, use something like changelog added "added feature x". This will add a line to your under the ### Added section.

When you are ready for release, run changelog release and that will infer the correct semantic version based on the types of changes since the last release. For example your added change should prompt a minor (0.X.0) release. A removed change would prompt a major (X.0.0) version bump and fixed or changed changes would prompt a patch (0.0.X).

You can manually override what type of of release via changelog release --minor using the --patch, --minor or --major flags.


changelog init -> Creates a with some basic documentation in it.

changelog (added|changed|deprecated|removed|fixed|security) "<message>" -> adds a line to the appropriate section

changelog release (--major|minor|patch|suggest) (--yes) -> Cuts a release for the changelog, incrementing the version.

changelog current -> returns the current version of the project based on the changelog

changelog suggest -> returns the suggested version of the next release based on the current logged changes

changelog --version -> get the current version of the changelog tool

changelog --help -> show helps screen


If you get tired of typing out changelog for every command, it can also be accessed via its shorthand cl

Example Usage

>>> changelog current
>>> changelog added "add new feature x"
>>> changelog suggest
>>> changelog removed "removing key feature y"
>>> cl release
Planning on releasing version 2.0.0. Proceed? [y/N]: n
>>> cl release --minor
>>> cl current

Example Changelog as a result of the above


All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.
This project adheres to [Semantic Versioning]( and [Keep a Changelog](

## Unreleased

### Added

### Changed

### Deprecated

### Removed

### Fixed

### Security

## [1.5.0] - 2017-06-09

### Added
* add new feature x

### Removed
* remove key feature y

## [1.4.1] - 2017-05-29

### Changed
* updating documentation



A Command Line Interface that makes it easy to manage a helpful Changelog







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