Flexible command line tool to create graphs from CSV data
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A CLI utility to create graphs from CSV files.

graph-cli is designed to be highly configurable for easy and detailed graph generation. It has many flags to acquire this detail and uses reasonable defaults to avoid bothering the user. It also leverages chaining, so you can create complex graphs from multiple CSV files.

A full list of options can be found in OPTIONS.md.


pip install graph-cli


A few quick examples. For an extended list that further demonstrates features and usage, please view EXAMPLES.md.

graph samples/sine.csv -o sine.png


graph samples/sine.csv --marker '' --chain | \
graph samples/cosine.csv --title 'sine and cosine' \
  --ylabel '' --xscale 250 --marker '' -o sine-cosine.png
graph samples/sine-cosine.csv --title 'sine and cosine' \
  --ylabel '' --xscale 250 --marker '' -o sine-cosine.png


graph samples/sine.csv --resample 125 -o sine-resample.png


graph samples/avocado.csv -x 'Date' -y 'AveragePrice' --resample 1W -o avocado-resample.png



I develop this software in my spare time. If you find it useful, consider buying me a coffee! Thank you!