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Does MCEdit work?


Is MCEdit compatible with Anvil?


When I open my world, all I see is blue. Where is my world?

You aren't using the latest version of MCEdit. Click on the Windows, Mac OS, or Linux icons on the homepage to download.

When I unzip MCEdit, I can't find any program to run.

Did you download the source files by mistake? Try downloading again. Also, ensure you download the right version for your OS, e.g. don't download the Mac version for your Windows computer.

Can I use MCEdit to edit the weather/biomes/temperature/snowfall?

MCEdit does not natively support editing biomes on Anvil maps. SethBling has written a filter to modify biomes, available bundled with MCEdit since version 0.1.2, or from SethBling's youtube page.

I don't want to have to retype everything in the console when I get a bug. Any way to speed this up?

Look inside the MCEdit-<version>-<platform>/ folder for a file named mcedit.log. This file has the same contents as the console window.

Alternately, to copy the text from a console window on Windows:

  • click on the icon at the top left of the window (or press Alt+Space)
  • choose Edit > Mark from the menu (or press Alt+E, Alt+K)
  • use the mouse to select the text by clicking and dragging
  • click the icon again and choose Edit > Copy (or press Alt+E, Alt+C)
  • paste in a message here inside a code tag - [.code][./code], but without the full stops.

What are those red, yellow, green and brown boxes?

The red, green and brown boxes are Entities - red are mobs, green are dropped items, brown are paintings. The yellow boxes are TileEntities, which include the contents of Chests, Dispensers, and Furnaces. The brown boxes are Paintings. Entities cannot be edited. Some TileEntities can be edited; double-click on one to edit.

Why is there a warning to close Minecraft whenever I use MCEdit? Minecraft isn't open!

When you click "Save & Quit to Title", Minecraft doesn't completely quit out of the world. Some important parts (the region file headers) are still in Minecraft's memory, so any changes to them will be overwritten if Minecraft is still running. This is what corrupts the world files. To dismiss the message, click OK. If you don't want to see it again, click "Don't remind me again." This will be changed in a future update.

Does MCEdit work with Minecraft version x.x.x?

MCEdit currently works with all formats of Minecraft world more or less, from Classic to Anvil. The operation of MCEdit is usually unrelated to the version of Minecraft and Java.

Does MCEdit work with Linux?

Yes, but you will need to run from source. The process is extremely simple with Linux, there is a guide in the README. Alternatively you can install Wine, and it will work with some distributions of Ubuntu.

I'm trying to create chunks in the Nether but it doesn't work?

The vanilla Minecraft server was changed to only generate Nether and End chunks if a player is present in those areas.