WordPress Plugin implementing Column Displaying, QuickEdit and BulkEdit for Advanced Custom Fields (ACF)
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ACF QuickEdit Fields

WordPress plugin which extends the functionality of the Advanced Custom Fields Plugin (Pro, Version 5+).


  • Show ACF field values in List views
    Supported ACF Fields.
  • Supports Post, Term and User list tables
  • Scalar Columns (Like Text, Number, ...) can be made sortable
  • Edit ACF Field values in Quick edit and Bulk edit


  • Requires ACF Free or Pro 5.6+ (ACF Free 4.x won’t work). ACF Free 5.6+ is available via early access. Follow this guide
  • Requires at least PHP 5.3+
  • Requires at least WP 4.7+
  • Tested with WordPress up to 4.9.6


A note on sortable Columns: Sorting works over a meta query. As a result, items with no ACF-Value will disappear from the list. To adjust or suppress sortability for a specific field use acf_quick_edit_sortable_column_{$field_name} filter.


  • Download acf-quick-edit-fields.zip from the releases tab.
  • Install it like a regular WordPress plugin.
  • As long as the plugin is active it will check for Updates here on GitHub.


Clone this repository into the wp-content/plugins directory.

git clone git@github.com:mcguffin/acf-quick-edit-fields.git

Install npm and run gulp

cd acf-quick-edit-fields
npm install

ToDo / Known Issues:

  • Bug in Sortable Columns: Rows are not shown if the ACF value is not set (aka. postmeta not present).
  • Bug: Password field always saves empty value
  • Radio/Checkbox with Other: other value(s) not shown after save (need to reload)