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WordPress Access Areas

This is the official github repository of the WordPress Access Areas plugin. This repo might contain untested and possibly unstable or insecure code. So use it on your own risk.


WP Access Areas lets you fine-tune who may read, edit or comment on your Blog posts. You can either restrict access to logged-in uses only, certain WordPress-Roles or even custom Access Areas.


  • Define custom Access Areas and assign them to your blog-users
  • Restrict reading, editing and commenting permission to logged-in users, certain WordPress-Roles or Access Areas
  • On a Network you can define global access areas
  • German and Italian localization
  • Clean uninstall


Either move the plugin dir in your wp-content/ directory ...

... or git-clone it:

$ cd wp-content/plugins/
$ git clone

Finally activate it in the GUI.


  • WP 3.8 through 4.5
  • The plugin ist still functional in WP < 3.8, but some items may not be displayed correctly.

Plugin API

See the Project Wiki for details.


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