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Welcome to Blockbuster mod Wiki!

Blockbuster is a Minecraft mod which lets you create Minecraft machinimas in singleplayer using NPC body actors.


This Wiki is written for Blockbuster 1.5. Blockbuster mod is currently available for Minecraft 1.10.2, 1.11.2 and 1.12.2, and it also depends on Metamorph mod. Blockbuster also provides optional integration with Aperture mod (camera mod). All you need to know about Blockbuster mod is described in this Wiki. If something is missing, let me know.

Chinese Version/中文版本.

Content table

This table is ordered by complexity (basic -> advanced).

Section Description
FAQ Must read. Solutions to some problems when starting out with Blockbuster mod are here.
Items Blockbuster mod items. All of them, and thier functions, are listed in this page.
Actors Everything you need to know about actors. Starting out with how to spawn them, attach them to director block, and playback them.
Director Block Are you ready to rumble?... Manager of managers, director of directors, this page describes how to use director blocks to manage your actor crew and a camera man.
Model Block This block is a masterpiece, baby! You can use this block to create decorations, such as statues or desktop action figures, hold morphs in your hands (1.12.2 only) or even a whole map.
Custom Models Want to make your actor feel unique, eh? Hop on the train of Blockbuster's custom models!
Commands Documentation for Blockbuster mod commands can be found in this page.
Actions Player recording actions. This page is a technical documentation of player recording actions. If you're planning onto using /record add, make sure to check this out.
Player Recording Section about player recording. This page answers questions like: how to record, how to playback, how they're stored, and why do you need to care about catfishes.

For server owners

I do not recommend using this mod on public servers due to security reasons. Blockbuster mod just cannot be tweaked in such way to give perfect experience without limitations while also making server secure enough from DDoS.

Therefore this mod is only recommended for private, LAN, and single player (integrated) servers.

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