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turn IQueryables into datagrids

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Install-Package Mvc.JQuery.DataTables

Install-Package Mvc.JQuery.DataTables.Templates *

Demo site Example

  • turn any IQueryable into a live datagrid. Tested with:
    • Linq To Objects
    • Entity Framework
    • Lucene.Net.Linq
  • wraps the very comprehensive jquery datatables plugin. Supported features:
    • Filtering (text, date or datetime range (with datepicker), number ranges, choose from dropdown, multiple values using checkboxes)
    • Sorting (configurable per column)
    • Paging (choose page size options, or fix them)
    • Customer column rendering
    • Custom positioning of filters (e.g. you could move them above the table)
    • Localization
    • TableTools support (PDF/Excel export)
    • Attribute based configuration (optional)
  • Can be run from dll

*skip this if using EmbeddedResourceVirtualPathProvider

See the test page and example project for info on how to use

The code here is based on code from

Note to users

This library has been developed on an as-needed basis, so not all configuration settings from datatables are implemented yet. If you need a setting to be added, please fork the project, update the code, and update the example page to include a usage of the new setting (where this makes sense) e.g.

If you have a feature request, bug, or a patch, please could you add an example page on a fork demonstrating the problem or feature. Thanks!

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To for the image thumbnails used in the example site