Wireless sensor module system with Raspberry PI, ATmega328P and NRF24L01+
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Simple wireless sensor system

As a part of home automation system for my house, I have designed a wireless sensors system that can continuously monitor temperature, humidity, light and atmospheric pressure of multiple spots in the building.

This repository contains all elements required to build your own wireless sensor system based on ATmega328P, Raspberry PI and NRF24L01:

Wireless sensor module

Directory Description
board Schematic and PCB design of wireless sensor module
firmware Arduino-compatible firmware for wireless sensor module
example-server Simple wireless sensors server for Raspberry PI

Case study

As I mentioned, this wireless sensor system is a part of home automation system for my house. At the moment, I have five wireless sensors connected to it. Each sensor module sends new readings in 16 seconds intervals and is powered by 3xAA rechargeable batteries - it is enough to power the module for over 2 months. Power consumption is ~0.05 mA in sleep mode and 20-30 mA while measurements.

Cost of single module

Item Price Note
PCB $0.88 ... if you order 20 PCB from EasyEDA (does not include shipping cost)
ATmega328P $1.23*
LD1117AV33 $0.35*
NRF24L01+ $0.75*
HTU21D $2.40*
TSL2561 $1.50*
BMP180 $2.20*
Other parts $0.50* Resistors, transistor, sockets

Fully featured version: $9.81
Temperature + humidity + light: $7.61
Temperature + humidity: $6.11

Sums do not include cost of power supply.

*) Prices from aliexpress.com (2016-12-04).