Demonstrates running a script on an Obdi worker
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This Obdi plugin has a UI and runs a script on a worker.


What is it?

A starting point for writing an Obdi plugin that runs a script on a local or remote Obdi worker.

  • This plugin has a Web Interface.

  • This plugin adds a REST endpoint.

    A REST endpoint, '/helloworld-runscript', is added that can be accessed by other tools or from othe command line.

  • This plugin runs a script on workers.

  • This plugin does not use a private sqlite database.

Similar plugin: obdi-saltkeymanager

Manually accessing the REST endpoint

$ ipport=""

$ guid=`curl -ks -d '{"Login":"nomen.nescio","Password":"password"}' \
      https://$ipport/api/login | grep -o "[a-z0-9][^\"]*"`

$ curl -k "https://$ipport/api/nomen.nescio/$guid/helloworld-runscript/helloworld-runscript"
  "Error": "Plugin returned error. 'var_a' must be set"

$ curl -k "https://$ipport/api/nomen.nescio/$guid/helloworld-runscript/helloworld-runscript?env_id=1&var_a=blobbyblobbyblobby"

$ curl -k "https://$ipport/api/nomen.nescio/$guid/outputlines?job_id=346"
    "Id": 356,
    "JobId": 346,
    "Serial": 1,
    "Text": "\nHello from\n\n\n---------\nArguments\n---------\nblobbyblobbyblobby\n-----------\nEnvironment\n-----------\nPWD=/tmp\nSHLVL=1\nSYSSCRIPTDIR=/var/lib/obdi-worker/scripts\n_=/bin/env\n"

Type 1 output was used in the example Go code. Type 1 output can have multiple records with multiple lines in each record. Type 2 output will only ever have one record that may contain many lines.

The job and its output can also be viewed using the System Jobs viewer.

See obdi-dev-repository for more information about Dev plugins.