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retrosmc by mcobit

Easy script to get RetroPie installed alongside OSMC

This contains work from the RetroPie project as well as some open source libraries and binaries like SDL1.2/2 etc. Also this is an alpha release right now. So I am not responsible for anything you do with this to your system.

I got something for the brave who want to test it:

Disclaimer and other useful information. Read before installing!

First things first: I am NOT responsible if this does any harm to your system! I suggest only to install this on a system that the old installer wasn't run on already. You should have at least 2 GB of free space on your SD card.

Please report bugs and don't expect everything to work. This is now a full RetroPie installation, all scripts and files should be present.

This will only work on a Raspberry Pi 1, 2 or 3! NOT on the Vero.


  1. SSH into your OSMC installation. The default account is osmc and the password is also osmc.
  • Move to the home directory cd /home/osmc and download the installation script wget .
  • Make the script executable chmod +x
  • Run the script ./

You will see a pretty self-explanatory menu. Choose what you want to do and wait for a while.

If you are installing Retrosmc, please choose "Basic Installation" when the RetroPie-Setup menu pops up. When the Binaries Installation finished, choose "cancel" to return to the Retrosmc menu.

You can exit the menu by choosing "cancel" at the bottom after every task.

If you have installed the "Launcher Addon", after a restart of OSMC (Kodi), you will find your shortcut in the Program add-ons in OSMC.

Custom Menu Item

If you want to create a custom menu item, here is a little symbol for you, that I hope, matches the OSMC skin style. The link should contain the following command: System.Exec(/home/osmc/RetroPie/scripts/

Have fun!


  • RetroPie (Took the rootfs from the RetroPie project - You folks rock!)
  • OSMC (Our beloved platform this is running on - Keep up the good work!)
  • jcnventura3 for the launcher add-on - Just works
  • Thanks to all testers


An easier way to get retropie onto osmc







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