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πŸ’‘ πŸš€

It's a place where people share there daily hacks they use in their developments.
So, Do you have any hack?

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What’s In This Document

πŸ“– About DailyHack

DailyHack is just an Idea about sharing the hack/tricks/shortcuts we use in our daily life to develop and fix the things quick and smart way. So, it's a community of the makers and geeks around the word. So, anyone can share there methods with the others makers and developers.

✍ How to add tricks

So, we are using the GitHub Issue System as a CMS. So, it's eassy to add your tricks. Just create an issues and write your hack into editor and submit. After you submit the author/editors will set the tags to your issues and it will show on the website.

🀝 How to Contribute

Adding tricks is a big contribution to the open source community. So, the website is Open Source and code in this repository. So, you can do whatever you seems that it should be improvise and need to be changed.

List of Contributors

Website Build With

  • Nextjs- For SSR, Front-end and I use Styled JSX.
  • GitHub Issues: As a CMS for tricks
  • Glitch: An layer on the GitHub API to secure access_token
  • Zeit: To host the application

πŸ’œ Thanks to Our Contributors

Thanks to our many contributors and friends those give time to add tricks.



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