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MMMarkdown Release Notes


  • #107: Create NSRegularExpressions using dispatch_once


  • #103: Don't let lists contain both bulleted and numbered items
  • #104: Require a space after the # in headers
  • #105: Let list items indent with 2 spaces


  • #101: Fix infinite loop in list parsing


  • #92: Allow -s in inline HTML


  • #88: Update Xcode project settings
  • #89: Fix some broken unit tests
  • #90: Add tvOS and watchOS targets


  • #63: Fix warnings from Xcode 6.3
  • #67: Improved link handling
  • #71: Allow = in autolinked URLs
  • #73: Allow dashes in language names
  • #74: Switch to from static libraries to dynamic frameworks


  • #60: UnderscoresInWords should only affect underscores


  • #51: Fenced code blocks shouldn't allow non-whitespace characters after trailing delimiter
  • #54: Improve handling of of language names in fenced code blocks
  • #57: Fix handling of images inside links


Fix an exception when whitespace preceded what would otherwise be a header (#47).


This release adds support for GitHub-flavored Markdown and extensions. It also includes bug fixes, updated Xcode project settings, and more modernization.


This release adds an HTML parser, which is needed to properly handle HTML inside Markdown. It also removes the precompiled libraries in favor of including the project.

Other changes include:

  • Support newer iOS architectures
  • Fix a crash when passed an empty string
  • Fix code spans with multiple backticks
  • Fix code spans that contain newlines
  • Fix handling of images with no alt text
  • Annotate that the markdown can't be nil
  • Fix behavior of archive builds
  • Update Xcode project settings
  • Modernize the code


Fix the iOS deployment target and static library to support iOS 5.0.


Updated the iOS static library to include armv7s architecture.


Bugfix release that fixes 2 issues:

  • Add support for alternate ASCII line endings (\r\n and \r)
  • Fix a crash when list items have leading spaces beyond their indentation level

0.2 - Correctness

This release focused on expanding the test suite and fixing bugs. Many bugs were fixed and support for the Markdown image syntax was added.


The initial release of MMMarkdown. Implemented enough of markdown to pass all of Gruber's tests.