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A website with several tools to interact with data extracted from the game Dota 2
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Dotabase Web

Note: This version of dotabase-web is still in beta, many features are missing, and some things might look ugly.

A web interface to experiment with and show the functionality of my Dotabase project. It is composed of a few web apps and pages showing information about the game Dota 2. This is the new and improved version of dotabase-web, built on React. The old version was built using php and eventually became a pain to maintain and add to.

Planned Pages

Note: checked off here doesn't mean the page is complete, just that the basic functionality is there.

Pages I might add

  • Dotabase Querier / Explorer
  • Hero Stats Table (Could just be a special query in the dotabase querier / explorer)
  • About / Information
  • dota-vpk browser
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