Prometheus exporter that exposes metrics from apcupsd's NIS. MIT Licensed.
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Command apcupsd_exporter provides a Prometheus exporter for the apcupsd Network Information Server (NIS). MIT Licensed.


Available flags for apcupsd_exporter include:

$ ./apcupsd_exporter -h
Usage of ./apcupsd_exporter:
  -apcupsd.addr string
        address of apcupsd Network Information Server (NIS) (default ":3551") string
        network of apcupsd Network Information Server (NIS): typically "tcp", "tcp4", or "tcp6" (default "tcp")
  -telemetry.addr string
        address for apcupsd exporter (default ":9162")
  -telemetry.path string
        URL path for surfacing collected metrics (default "/metrics")


Here is a screenshot of an example grafana dashboard using metrics from apcupsd_exporter.