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Command wireguard_exporter implements a Prometheus exporter for WireGuard devices. MIT Licensed.
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Command wireguard_exporter implements a Prometheus exporter for WireGuard devices. MIT Licensed.


This exporter exposes metrics about each configured WireGuard device and its peers, using any device implementation supported by wgctrl-go.

$ curl -s http://localhost:9586/metrics | grep wireguard
# HELP wireguard_device_info Metadata about a device.
# TYPE wireguard_device_info gauge
wireguard_device_info{device="wg0",public_key="TM7UyJLMf7nPvWC4fb5xoEQedgQ9RwyyEaWGk1Zrow4="} 1
# HELP wireguard_peer_info Metadata about a peer. The public_key label on peer metrics refers to the peer's public key; not the device's public key.
# TYPE wireguard_peer_info gauge
wireguard_peer_info{allowed_ips="",device="wg0",endpoint="",public_key="2RTeXgsWP9siIqULJukjlfA3SRYA3R6YsVnJ5GUzu3o="} 1
# HELP wireguard_peer_last_handshake_seconds UNIX timestamp for the last handshake with a given peer.
# TYPE wireguard_peer_last_handshake_seconds gauge
wireguard_peer_last_handshake_seconds{public_key="2RTeXgsWP9siIqULJukjlfA3SRYA3R6YsVnJ5GUzu3o="} 1.558580872e+09
# HELP wireguard_peer_receive_bytes_total Number of bytes received from a given peer.
# TYPE wireguard_peer_receive_bytes_total counter
wireguard_peer_receive_bytes_total{public_key="2RTeXgsWP9siIqULJukjlfA3SRYA3R6YsVnJ5GUzu3o="} 0
# HELP wireguard_peer_transmit_bytes_total Number of bytes transmitted to a given peer.
# TYPE wireguard_peer_transmit_bytes_total counter
wireguard_peer_transmit_bytes_total{public_key="2RTeXgsWP9siIqULJukjlfA3SRYA3R6YsVnJ5GUzu3o="} 2960
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