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A list of hackathon project ideas that have been done countless times before.
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Common Hackathon Projects

A list of hackathon project ideas that have been done countless times before. Whether or not an idea is unique should be taken into consideration by judges and by hackers when brainstorming ideas.

Should not be the only feature of a project:

  1. Tinder, Uber, Airbnb for X
  2. Sentiment analysis of either image or text
  3. Facial recognition
  4. Speech to Text or Text to Speech
  5. Language Translation


  1. Get ingredients or nutritional value of food from a photo
  2. Get a list of recipes from a photo of food in a fridge
  3. Shopping list
  4. Where to eat based on defined preferences


  1. Find a study group/tutor near you
  2. Summarize class notes/textbook


  1. Resume builder/grader
  2. Job listing or connecting employers to job candidates
  3. Interview bot to help you practice for interviews and uses "computer vision" and "natural language processing" to give you personalized feedback


  1. Sort out recyclables from trash
  2. Smart mirror
  3. Smart camera + facial recognition for security or any kind of basic alert system
  4. Smart pill dispenser that dispenses pills in correct doses at the right time

Health & Social Good

  1. Get diagnosis from a list of symptoms
  2. ASL translator
  3. "Real-time" translation in the form of captions
  4. "Eyes" for the visually impaired: tells you what's in front of you using CV or if you're bumping into anything using a depth sensor
  5. Detecting/blocking harmful content online


  1. Message people around you
  2. Find people using facial recognition
  3. Tag things on a map for people to find
  4. Connecting people through music
  5. Connect people at hackathons to build projects together


  1. Music generation using deep learning
  2. New song recommendations from you friends or your preferences/interests
  3. Shared music playlists for a party
  4. Play random music from library based on mood


  1. Mining cryptocurrency through your browser
  2. Buy, sell, or auction site using cryptocurrency


  1. Block sites that allows you to procrastinate
  2. Browse the internet through SMS
  3. Hackathon idea generator
  4. Location based reminders app

Money & Buisness

  1. Basic stock market analysis
  2. Bill splitting
  3. Personalized ads billboard


  1. Detecting fake news
  2. Providing the "other side" to an article
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