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An icon theme mainly based in the Haiku OS look
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Retrosmart icon theme

Retrosmart icon theme is a set of icons mainly based on the Haiku OS look. Mainly the icons were taked from that project (with MIT license, and therefore GPL compatible), some others were created from scratch or crafted from other forgotten sources in the internet (with unknown licenses).

Due to that last circumstace I can not fully guarantee a GPL compatible license for any else of this images.

If you found a image that has not a fully GPL compatible license, PLEASE WRITE ME AN EMAIL AND THEN I WILL DELETE IT FOREVER.

For installation instructions please read INSTALL file.

Thank you.

Install instructions

Classic method

  • Build and install:

      $ ./configure
      $ make
      # make install
  • Uninstall:

      # make uninstall

Debian package

  • Build and install:

      $ make dpkg
      # dpkg -i retrosmart-icon-theme_*.deb
  • Uninstall:

      # apt purge retrosmart-icon-theme

Arch Linux package

  • Build and install:

      $ make pacman
      # pacman -U retrosmart-icon-theme-local-*.pkg.tar.xz
  • Uninstall:

      # pacman -Rsc retrosmart-icon-theme-local
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