Files for help with headless JSSpec testing in Rails
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This collection of files is useful for getting a Rails app up and running with headless JSSpec tests for your JavaScript files.

 - Unpack the contents of this repo to RAILS_ROOT/spec/javascripts
 - Move test_jsspec.rake into RAILS_ROOT/lib/tasks

 - Create the file in RAILS_ROOT/spec/javascripts/your_name_spec.js (The filename should end in _spec.js)
 - Write the specs directly in the file.
 - To use html fixtures:
   - Create an html file in RAILS_ROOT/spec/javascripts/fixtures/your_fixture_name.html that has the body of your sample html in it. (No html, or body tags please).
   - Load that fixture in the before_each for your spec by using fixture("your_fixture_name");
   - That fixture will then be available for both command line and compiled specs

  - To run specs on the command line run rake spec:javascripts
  - To run specs in the browser run rake spec:javascripts:compile and then open the file RAILS_ROOT/spec/javascripts/compiled/suite.html in your browser of choice
  - You can also run one spec at a time with either method by providing TEST=foo_spec.js (The compiled filename will change to foo_spec.html)

2008/08/22 - mdotterer
 - Added a monkey patch to JSSpec to make to JSSpec.util.isDomNode work for DOMNodes created by env.js (Fixes include bug with prototype elements)
2008/08/21 - mdotterer
 - Added an html fixturing method that can be used in both command line and compiled specs
 - Changed rake task names to match rspec rake task names
 - Fixed issue where innerHTML was broken when prototype was included
2008/08/20 - mdotterer
 - Added simple spec compiler to create html files that can be run in the browser.
2008/08/19 - mdotterer
 - Updated JSSpec to 2008/01/07 Version
 - Created console_logger.js to display results of new version to console
   - Added color
 - Created runner.js to run any number of spec files with one set of results
    and to pull out execution code to a common place
 - Monkey patched JSSpec::Spec::extractOutSpecialEntries to ignore methods that
     Prototype adds to Object
 - Pulled generic library loads out of config.js so that config.js can be completely
    customized for your project
 - Added Rhino into the repository for convience
 - Changed the rake task to run all of the files in
    spec/javascripts/*_spec.js at once using runner.js

 - Make color optional
 - Make the runner and the compiler accept wildcards in their arguments

 - Expected and actual values don't appear in the report when a spec fails
 - Location of errors doesn't work. (Currently thet are not displayed because of this)