A really simple Ruby ssh tunnel manager
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runnel - A Ruby ssh tunnel manager

I hate starting autossh tunnels and trying to keep track of them. This solves that issue for me.


Autossh - you really should already be using this.

# Mac Homebrew
brew install autossh

# Ubuntu
apt-get isntall autossh

# Redhat
Figure it out yourself

Installation and usage

gem install runnel

Now let runnel set itself up by simply running it:


Edit your tunnels.yml file, found in '~/.runnel'

Here's the example file you'll have after setup:

  :name: My socks proxy for secure browsing on public WiFi
  :mport: 44488 #The autossh monitor port
  :command: -NfD 8080 mysecurebox.net
  :name: mySQL proxy for work
  :mport: 44490
  :command: -NfL 3306:localhost:3306 mysqlbox.org

Then use runnel to start the tunnels

# Start one tunnel
runnel start socks_proxy

# Start all tunnels
runnel start

You can also kill them the same way

# Kill one tunnel
runnel kill socks_proxy

# Kill all tunnels
runnel kill

And lastly

# Show the tunnels, active and inactive