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I've started to write this script to replace kernel-update. It does WAY more than the current kernel-update is doing. I plan to replace kernel-update with this tool very soon.

Sources: https://github.com/mdrjr/odroid-utility

How to Install :

sudo -s

wget -O /usr/local/bin/odroid-utility.sh https://raw.githubusercontent.com/mdrjr/odroid-utility/master/odroid-utility.sh

chmod +x /usr/local/bin/odroid-utility.sh


Don't worry about the extra files. The script self-updates itself everytime it's started.

What is supported :

  • Debian and Ubuntu.
  • Xorg on/off,
  • Change hostname,
  • Configure HDMI (x/x2/u2/u3/c1) only,
  • Kernel Update (all boards),
  • boot.scr's update (all boards) Oh yes. Updating the kernel doesn't replace your boot.scr's anymore. If you were using custom ones to boot from hdd then they should be safe now,
  • Rebuilds Xorg DDX , installs new Mali drivers when they are available and fixes ABI errors,
  • Filesystem resize.


Ideas and patches are welcome. Either post a diff with your e-mail and name or submit a PR on github.