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LoopBack SDK Builder

LoopBack SDK Builder 2.1 Wiki

Welcome to the @mean-expert/loopback-sdk-builder Wiki!!!

Here you will be able to find any information related to the sdk builder, from the very first steps like installing it and generating client SDKs to making an advanced use of it.

The LoopBack SDK Builder and its documentation are both maintained by @johncasarrubias.

Follow if you are interested in new modules, updates and tutorials about apis, web, mobile, IoT and more.

Why LoopBack SDK Builder

I'm pretty sure that anyone coming from JavaScript to Angular 2 and TypeScript should think at least for one moment something like:

Oh geez!!! Now I need to spend more development time creating interfaces and all that TypeScript crap, instead of being coding cool amazing things as I'm used to using only JavaScript.

Well, I feel you!!! And that is why the @mean-expert/loopback-sdk-builder is the right option, because lets face it; JavaScript is full of bugs that are found during execution time.

Maybe in production?.... [Cough Cough]

TypeScript is the answer for that huge problem but the @mean-expert/loopback-sdk-builder is the solution for building the annoying part of TypeScript that lets you focus in what really matters.

Hey wait, but... That is all? Of course not!!! That's only the very beginning, now that you can forget about wasting time replicating all your models in your client application, there are a bunch of features that you can take advantage of.


  • Support for Angular.
  • NEW!!! Support for ReactJS.
  • NEW!!! Support for NGRX.
  • Support for TypeScript (Fully Typed).
  • Built in Interfaces and Models.
  • Extendable Models for custom logic.
  • Enables Publish Subscribe (PubSub) Support for Real-Time Applications loopback-component-realtime
  • Enables Server Sent Events (SSE) for Real-Time Applications -FireLoop Implementation
  • Real-Time IO Module
  • Built in LoopBack Authentication.
  • Built in Support for LoopBack Query Language Querying Data
  • Built in API Servics.
  • Built in Platform Specific Drivers (Angular2 for Web & Progressive Apps, NativeScript2, Angular Universal).
  • Built in CLI Tool for builder.
  • Built in Logger Service.
  • Blacklist mechanism to select which models or methods generate.
  • Ability to point models to different url domains (not global baseUrl)
  • IO Heartbeating to avoid disconnections.
  • Small foot print 100k per generated SDK (Will increase depending on number of models).

Current Scope

The LoopBack SDK Builder v2.0 is currently able to build advanced Software Development Kits fully compatibility with Angular 2 in its TypeScript version and able to run in multiple environments like in web, progressive or native mobile applications using either The Angular CLI, Angular Mobile Toolkit, Ionic 2, NativeScript 2 and Angular Universal.

Support for other JavaScript frameworks like ReactJS may be implemented after the builder is 100% compatible with any of the Angular 2 possible environments, Angular IoT.

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