Provide URL expansion when Jira issues are mentioned in a Slack chat
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Slack Jira Issue Expansion

Build Status

Update 2017-08-24: If you're looking to get setup quickly then you should check out before using this image. If that's not for you - come back!

A killer feature of the integration between Hipchat and Jira is the issue expansion. Whenever a Jira issue is mention in the chat, the Jira integration would pop up some high level information about the issue and a link.

With the Jira integration in Slack being a bit light, we decided to implement a simple bot using the Slack RTM API:


Docker Image

docker run -it --restart=always -d \
    -e JIRA_BASEURL= \
    -e JIRA_USERNAME='yourjirausername' \
    -e JIRA_PASSWORD='yourjirapassword' \
    -e SLACK_API_KEY='yourslackapikey' \


The configuration is run of environment variables:

  • JIRA_BASEURL, e.g.