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Hi, I am Meathill Zhai

Hi, I am Meathill

👋 Hi there

I am Meathill Zhai. I am a full-stack (front-end biased) developer in Guangzhou, China 🇨🇳.

I work at as a Front-end developer. Our job are really interesting and challenging 💪.

我是 Meathill,全栈偏前端开发者,现居 🇨🇳中国广州。

我们钱就职于,主要写前端。 我很喜欢我厂的工作,新鲜有趣也很有挑战性 💪

🌱 I’m currently learning

  • Dig deeply into Webpack and Babel

  • TypeScript

  • Front-end performance optimization

  • Vue 3.0

  • Web UI e2e test

  • ....

  • 钻研 Webpack 和 Babel

  • TypeScript

  • 前端性能优化

  • Vue 3.0

  • Web UI e2e 测试

  • ...

💬 Ask me about

I am glad to answer any development questions, career questions, technical team management questions, etc.

Please feel free to ask me if you have any of those.



📫 How to reach me


  1. Mui is a good and cute dog who is good at reading articles for you.

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  2. A full tutorial for JavaScript asynchronous development, with every new feature.

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  3. A generator based on Yeoman, will create a project with sytlus -> wxss, pug -> wxml.

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  4. 前端尬聊会 每期记录。Some records of front-end live talk show。

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  5. 游戏Pop界面及前端

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  6. A static web builder made for designer or photographer to show their portfolios.

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