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Media Streaming Mesh

Media Streaming Mesh

Media Streaming Mesh is an open-source project with the goal of enabling real-time media applications to be fully integrated in cloud-native Kubernetes environments.

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  1. documentation documentation Public


  2. Public

    Website for open source project Media Streaming mesh

    TypeScript 9 1

  3. msm-admission-webhook msm-admission-webhook Public

    A Kubernetes webhook server for MSM sidecar injection

    Go 5 2

  4. deployments-kubernetes deployments-kubernetes Public archive

    A repository for Media Streaming Mesh deployments and examples in Kubernetes environments

    Smarty 5 5

  5. msm-rtsp-stub msm-rtsp-stub Public

    RTSP Sidecar Stub Proxy written in Rust

    Rust 5 1

  6. msm-deployments msm-deployments Public

    MSM Kubernetes Deployments Using Helm Charts

    Smarty 5 1


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