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Mediachain design documentation
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Mediachain 💿 🔗


This is the Mediachain meta-repo, mostly containing historical documentation and RFCs.

Please see + for the current implementation.

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What is Mediachain?

Mediachain serves the role of a traditional database, but is a decentralized, global data layer for powering serverless applications.

It is a single port of entry for applications and users to publish, discover, and collaborate on data.

What is Mediachain good for?

With Mediachain

How does Mediachain fit in the decentralized stack?

Mediachain complements emerging technologies in the decentralized application protocol stack, where Ethereum is the logic layer, IPFS is the file system, and Mediachain is the database.

Unlike traditional DHT and blockchain-based systems, Mediachain scales efficiently when publishing billions of small records, and can accommodate use-cases like archiving high cardinality datasets or building internet-scale decentralized media applications.

In short, Mediachain lets developers build dynamic, social, and collaborative applications like the ones that defined Web 2.0, but in a completely decentralized way. With Mediachain, participants are in control of their identity and their data, and value is exchanged without intermediaries.

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