Medic Mobile

Software toolkit combining smart messaging, decision support, easy data gathering and management, and health system analytics. Start with medic-webapp repo.

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The Medic Mobile web application combines SMS messaging, data collection, and analytics for health workers and health systems in hard-to-reach areas with or without internet connectivity. Start here.

Updated Oct 27, 2016

Java 2 3


A native Android container for Medic Mobile's Community Health Worker mobile application

Updated Oct 26, 2016

JavaScript 2 2


Node.js worker for medic-webapp

Updated Oct 26, 2016

JavaScript 1 5


Node server to support medic-webapp

Updated Oct 25, 2016

HTML 2 5


Updated Oct 17, 2016

JavaScript 0 0


Helper docs and scripts to prepare and import your data into Medic Mobile.

Updated Oct 14, 2016

Java 4 1


Android SMS gateway app for Medic Mobile

Updated Sep 21, 2016

JavaScript 3 1


Medic Reporter allows you to send reports to Medic Mobile from a web interface.

Updated Sep 19, 2016

Shell 1 1


A space-efficient Linux-based operating system, designed specifically to run Medic Mobile's mHealth platform. This is the build system and source code; prebuilt ISOs, AMIs, and a Windows-based installer are available on Medic Mobile's website.

Updated Sep 1, 2016

JavaScript 2 5


Priority use case settings for Medic Mobile's platform.

Updated Aug 10, 2016


Implementation of a SIM App Framework for mHealth on the TurboSIM platform using C.

Updated Aug 9, 2016

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Software for creating read-only replicas of Medic Mobile data, using PostgreSQL v9.4

Updated Aug 2, 2016

Shell 0 0


A simple, self-contained demonstration package and package build system for Medic OS. Designed to demonstrate all major features of the packaging system.

Updated Jun 27, 2016

JavaScript 0 1


Monitoring tools for medic's prod systems.

Updated Jun 16, 2016

JavaScript 1 0


Wrapper for browsers' XPath evaluator with added support for OpenRosa extensions.

Updated Jun 14, 2016

JavaScript 6 6


Generate escaped lucene query strings

Updated May 29, 2016

Java 2 7


Medic Mobile's fork of ODK Collect, modified to handle large offline deployments and send SMS

Updated May 6, 2016


forked from mandric/SMSSync

SMS gateway for Android powered phones

Updated Apr 14, 2016

Python 1 67


forked from uw-ictd/pyxform

A Python package to create XForms for ODK Collect.

Updated Mar 17, 2016