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A script to install hadoop, zookeeper, and accumulo v1.4.2 into ~/accumulo_home/bin. Look at install_to_home_directory/ and ignore the rest.
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Fixes for Accumulo Trunk to account for naming/location changes
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install_to_home_directory exit driver script if the user does not have sudo
.gitignore ignore vi temp files
.project Add eclipse project file. updated readme. notes for kakfa fix HADOOP_PREFIX
accumulo-site.xml switch to hadoop 1.0.4 provide a script to stop accumuo, zookeeper, and hadoop
core-site.xml switch to hadoop 1.0.4
firewall replacing misplaced functionality
generic_logger.xml turn down logging in accumulo to WARN
hadoop-1.0.4.tar.gz switch to hadoop 1.0.4 make the script a little flexible about where java home is.
hdfs-site.xml switch to hadoop 1.0.4
iptables.firewall.rules replacing misplaced functionality
kafka-0.7.0-incubating-src.tar.gz moved common functionality to created added ka… moved common functionality to created added ka… updated accumulo version. the install in home directory is failing at…
mapred-site.xml switch to hadoop 1.0.4
monitor_logger.xml turn down logging in accumulo to WARN move tee to below log_file definition
stackscript fixes to accomodate naming convention/location changes use /home/medined instead of ~ moved common functionality to created added ka… use /home/medined instead of ~ moved common functionality to created added ka…
sysctl.conf switch to hadoop 1.0.4 use /home/medined instead of ~ moved common functionality to created added ka…
zoo.cfg switch to hadoop 1.0.4
zookeeper-3.4.3.tar.gz switch to hadoop 1.0.4

Accumulo Stackscript

2013-May-10 The script seems to be working perfectly to install hadoop, zookeeper, and accumulo into ~/accumulo_home/bin.

2013-May-10 The scripts that pull trunk are not working correctly. The symptom is that the Accumulo monitor page is not responding.

Provides stackscripts to install hadoop, zookeeper and accumulo on a Linode server.

I wanted a way to test the very latest Accumulo code. I could not use any of my existing systems because they were multi-use boxes. So I wrote a Stackscript in order to prepare a Linode server. Note that this script pulls a few files from my server for simplicity.

Users: hadoop, zookeeper, accumulo Password: password

This stackscript downloads, installs and configures hadoop, zookeeper, and accumulo.

Step one is to create your own stackscript. Mine was called "InitializeAccumulo". The idea is that the starter script pulls the actual script from some server so that you don't need to deal with the 'Manage Stackscript' interface. The starter script is:

apt-get -y install git
git clone
cd accumulo_stackscript

After the Linode server boots, it will take about 10 minutes to run this script. Then you can use ssh to login as the 'accumulo' user (the password is 'password'). Run two more commands and your server is completely setup.

accumulo init --clear-instance-name --instance-name instance --password secret
cd /usr/local/accumulo

Screen - the Stackscript installs screen which is useful so that you can always connect to the same session. Type Ctl-A+d in order to detach the session. Use screen -r to reconnect.


Making a tag.

git tag -a 2012_DEC_14 -m "with hadoop 0.20.2"
git show 2012_DEC_14
git describe --tags
# make a file change.
git push --tags
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