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Time Series Segmentation & Changepoint Detection

What is it about?

An R/Shiny app for time-series segmentation and changepoint detection tasks. The app acts as a front-end for R packages such as the magnificent changepoint package.

The app will also be online for a limited time and you can try it!

For more information on the parameters and algorithms currently included in the app please read the following paper by Killick et al. For an overview of changepoint packages that may be included in the future please see the following page.

Application Screenshot

How do I install it?

You can run the application locally using R and/or RStudio IDE.



The people behind it

The following members of our team were involved in developing the initial release of this app:

Can I contribute?

Of course, the project is Free Software and you can contribute to it!

What license do you use?

See our LICENSE for more details.