R code for analyzing tweets aggregated through a hashtag (text mining, topic modelling, network analysis, clustering and sentiment analysis)
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Twitter Hashtag Analytics with R

The code functionalities of this project include:

  1. acquiring Twitter data from multiple source
  2. basic statistics of tweets, retweets, and replies
  3. basic statistics of URLs in tweets
  4. basic text mining for token frequency and token association analysis
  5. topic modelling the tweet corpus using latent Dirichlet allocation
  6. analyze social networks based on retweeting or replying relationships
  7. calculating senitment scores of tweets

Log: Mar 3

Fix a bug of GetTweetCountTable. Start Demo2 that will focus on retrieving Google Spreadsheet data and exploring other interesting analysis.

Log: Feb 26

The structure of the project looks okay now. I posted a demo of using this project to analyze #LAK13 tweets on my blog.

Log: Feb 24

Fork from https://github.com/benmarwick/AAA2011-Tweets by Ben Marwick

Create separate files for different purposes.

Refactor original code for more general use.