Twitter Analytics with Shiny
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Demo: #LASI13

Steps to deploy a Twitterytics-Shiny app

  1. Register an account at RStudio's Shiny server (it usually take a few days for them to setup), or install a Shiny server on your own
  2. Login to your Shiny server, and clone this repo to the ShinnyApps folder following Joe Cheng's guide and rename it to something meaningful (the hashtag is a quite straightforward choice)
  3. Setup a Google Spreadsheet archive for your tweets using TAGS-5, and publish this archive to make it accessible for Shiny. Record the Google Spreadsheet key for later setup.
  4. On your Shiny server, edit a few settings in settings.txt
    1. hashtag
    2. Google Spreadsheet key
    3. timezone
  5. Run preprocessing.R to process data, or run repeat_pre.R if you wish to automatically update your data every hour.
  6. Check, and see whether everything works.