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License: MIT build

CMSGen a fast weighted, uniform-like sampler

This system provides CMSGen, a fast weighted uniform-like sampler. While we give no guarantees that the sampling follows the desired distribution, it is currently the best non-guaranteed (uniform) sampler as per our testing with Barbarik. In case you need guaranteed uniform sampling, please check out UniGen. When citing CMSGen, always reference our FMCAD'21 paper (bibtex here).

Command-line usage

Let's take a DIMACS CNF file input.cnf. To get 50 uniform-like samples, run:

./cmsgen input.cnf --samplefile mysamples.out --samples 50 --seed 0
 Writing samples to file: mysamples.out

You can add weights for polarities like this:

p cnf 2 1
w 1 0.1
2 0

The above gives solutions where variable 2 is TRUE always, and where variable 1 is TRUE with a probability of 0.1. This is indeed the case:

$ echo "p cnf 2 1
w 1 0.1
2 0" | ./cmsgen
c Writing samples to file: samples.out
c Finished generating all 100 samples
c Total time: 0.0016 s
$ sort -n samples.out | uniq -c
     92 -1 2 0
      8 1 2 0

In other words, we got 8% samples where we had variable 1 as TRUE.

Python usage

Install via pip:

pip install pycmsgen


import pycmsgen
solver = pycmsgen.Solver(seed=0)
sat, sol = solver.solve()

Where the return value sat will be True, indicating there is a solution found (i.e. it's not unsatisfiable), and sol[1], sol[2], etc. will indicate the solution to variables 1, 2, etc.

Compiling in Linux

To build and install, issue:

sudo apt-get install build-essential cmake
# not required but very useful
sudo apt-get install zlib1g-dev help2man
git clone
cd cmsgen
mkdir build && cd build
cmake ..
sudo make install
sudo ldconfig

Compiling in Mac OSX

First, you must get Homebew from then:

brew install cmake zlib
tar xzvf cmsgen-[version].tar.gz
cd cmsgen-[version]
mkdir build && cd build
cmake ..
sudo make install