Small Python-Applet to check Bus-Stops in Dresden
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A small GTK3 StatusIcon that displays the next Bus-Arrivals of a given station, which is pre-defined in the


Clone the Git-Repo to your $HOME directory as follows:

git clone ~/.catch-my-bus-python

You will need to have PyGObject installed, as well as Python 3.x. For some reason this applet does not work with Unity.

Adding Bus-Stops

Just add the stop you want to the stop_list file like this:

[City] -- [Bus-Stop]

Then simply restart the application.

Getting notifications

You can set a notification time (from 1 to 30 minutes). If you click on a bus, the notification will pop up n Minutes before your bus arrives (n being the time you selected)

Notifications are handled via the notify2 library.

Simply use

pip install notify2

to install the library.


Still under construction, but for a first view of what it looks like:



(This is what a notification with dunst could look like)

It should be the same thing as kiliankoe/catchmybus for Linux. (Or anyone who has PyGObject and Python 3.x installed)

Icon from IconsDB