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Accommodation Search Dialog Corpus (宿泊施設探索対話コーパス)


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Accommodation Search Dialog Corpus (in Japanese)

Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License Python Versions CI Typos

Main part: data/main

The main part of this corpus consists of 210 Japanese dialogs between two people acting as a customer and an operator in a fictitious accommodation consultation service by using Slack. In a dialog, the customer informed the operator of their situation and needs. Then based on the information, the operator conducted a search to meet the customer's request. The dialog was finished once the operator judged that the requirements were specific enough to narrow appropriate accommodations. Dialogs are in two formats.

  • Text: data/main/dialog/text/*.tsv
  • JSON: data/main/dialog/json/*.json

Please read documents for more details.


Name Doc Data
SCUD Doc data/main/scud_example/main.Example.jsonl, data/main/scud
Dialog act Doc data/main/dialog_act
Request spans Doc data/main/request_span

The number of SCUDs is about 3,500.

Name Utterance SCUD DA RS
Agent さようでございますか。
User はい、観光地をまわりやすい場所にあるといいですね。 ホテルが観光地をまわりやすい場所にあると良い。 はい
ただ1番の目的は出雲大社なので、そこまでアクセスがよければ助かります。 【customer】の1番の目的が出雲大社だ。
要求 出雲大社=>立地

Supplemental SCUD part: data/supplemental/scud: 57,447 examples

Files in data/supplemental/scud are Supplemental fictitious dialogs with SCUD annotations. Please read the documents for more details.

  • Most dialogs consist of a single pair of an agent utterance and a user utterance.
  • Dialogs are stored in files in data/supplemental/utterances : 51,390 dialogs

Supplemental correctness-labeled SCUD part: data/supplemental/correctness_labeled_scud: 8,115 examples

Files in data/supplemental/correctness_labeled_scud are Supplemental fictitious dialogs with SCUD and its correctness annotations. If the value correct of an example is false, the example has incorrect SCUDs.

Vanilla part: data/vanilla: 74,799 dialogs

Files in data/vanilla are fictitious dialogs or queries made by crowd workers with no SCUD annotations. Please read the documents for more details.

Utterance 1 Utterance 2
あなたが、高級ホテルに泊まるとしたらどのようなホテルに泊まりたいですか? 食事と景色が美しく、バラ風呂などの工夫があるホテル
あなたが、1週間の国内旅行ができることになったら、どのような旅行をしたいですか? ゆっくり読書をたのしむ旅行


Dialog collection and SCUDs

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Dialog acts and request spans

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