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Integration example of the recently released 6th version of Foundation framework into a SailsJS project
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a Sails application

##Usage: You want to clone this to your PC, then cd into the directory. Then install dependencies

npm install

After that your usual

sails lift

And the default page will be Foundation 6 kitchen sink. Take note, that in keeping with Sails default configuration, both Foundation and motion-ui need to be included in the importer.scss. If you want to change this behaviour make sure to apply relevant imports and includes where needed, otherwise the styles won't be used. You can omit the full path, as it has been included in the grunt-sass configuration. For example to import foundation's slider you would simply do.

@import 'components/slider.scss'

All import paths by default consider node_modules/foundation-sites/scss and node_modules\motion-ui\src as root. I hope there won't be any directory name overlaps between those 2, which would break this behaviour. This project is configured to use Jade. ##Generator Hey, I made this into a generator so it's easier to use now (and doesn't force Jade on you, though in all honesty, we all swap ejs for something usable anyway). Here it is

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