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Built by Hannah McCain & Megan Smith

About Localize

Localize is an app for travelers. It allows people to get recommendations on where to go & what to do from the folks who know a town best — the locals. Locals can pin locations to a map, then add tags and a description, so that visitors can find the perfect restaurant, museum, bar, park, or shop.

How to use Localize

You can use Localize with or without an account. If you simply want to view the map and pinned locations, you do not need an account. If you would like to pin locations to the map, you will need to sign up for an account.

  • To view a pin and its details, click the pin
  • To filter pins by tag, click the filter icon and select the tags you would like to apply
  • To view a specific user's pinned locations, click that user
  • To add your own pinned location...
    • Log in or create an account, then click "create map" in the header bar
    • Next, search for a location to add to your map
    • Then, add tags and a description
    • Finally, click "save map" to save your location to the map!

The code

  • Frontend: React, Redux
  • Backend: Node.js with Express
  • Database: PostgreSQL with Knex
  • Localize was built using starter files compiled by @oampo.

Getting started

Setting up a project

  • Move into your projects directory: cd ~/YOUR_PROJECTS_DIRECTORY
  • Clone this repository: git clone YOUR_PROJECT_NAME
  • Move into the project directory: cd YOUR_PROJECT_NAME
  • Install the dependencies: npm install

Working on the project

  • Move into the project directory: cd ~/YOUR_PROJECTS_DIRECTORY/YOUR_PROJECT_NAME
  • Run the development task: npm run dev

Directory layout

├── client      Client-side code
│   ├── assets  Images, videos, etc.
│   ├── js      JavaScript
│   └── scss    SASS stylesheets
├── server      Server-side code
└── test        Tests
    ├── client  Client tests
    └── server  Server tests