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Bandersnatch Interactive Player (based on html5 video player)
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Bandersnatch Interactive Player (based on html5 video player)

With this online(html) video player you can watch Bandersnatch episode of Black Mirror interactively.

Live demo

How to use

The only thing you need is 5hours video file of Bandersnatch episode, Drag & drop the file in this page and enjoy!


  • full screen mode


  • non full screen mode
  • Screenshot


  • Only work on google chrome (Doesn't work on Firefox; codec problems)
  • Download Bandersnatch video file (5:12:14)
  • Drag it on white box on page :)
  • Persian , English , Arabic , Spanish , Hebrew ,Portuguese , Greek ,Turkish,Polish,Indonesian subtitle available, If you want add another language subtitle, tell me.
  • to change subtitle : right click on video , enable show controls , after that . on bottom,right you see menu icon (3 vertical dot) then you can subtitle section
  • Note : after change subtitle , disable show controls ,if dont disable it on full screen video,you cant see option selector


  • my bitcoin wallet: 1CxaCJbh4VMNicnpktsBVfnVU5xq4QYyHW


  • F - Toggle fullscreen
  • R - Restart video
  • - Jump to the next segment (or to the next interaction zone)
  • - Jump to the previous segment
  • Space - Toggle play and pause

Persian user


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