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a fun little utility site for making impact font memes. bring your TOP TEXT BOTTOM TEXT dreams to life!

features ✨

  • clean and simple interface!
  • easily change caption text by clicking on it!
  • upload any image you like- it's client-side!
  • screenshot your masterpieces to save for later!

how does it work? 😳

starting interface

welcome to the beginning of it all!

you're likely to notice the control panel at the bottom-left of the screen. this one!

control panel

if you're not sure what these buttons do, fret not! let's cover them now:

  • Upload Image: click this to upload an image! you'll be shown a file dialog prompting you to select an image from your device.
  • Change Image Fit: by default, any images uploaded will stretch to meet each corner of your screen. this may be what you want, or it might not! click this button to pick from any of the three available fit options: stretch, cover and contain!
  • Take Screenshot: satisfied with your work? go ahead and save it! we make use of the handy html2canvas library to screenshot only the text and background image, then chuck it into a little photo thumbnail in the corner for you to click on. this will open your image in a new tab so you can save and call it official!
  • GitHub: no need to worry this button- you're already here!
  • mellodoot: that's me! this button takes you to my website.

if you're not a fan of UI all up in your face, you can disable it! simply hit H on your keyboard to toggle it.

if the automatic image fits aren't quite to your liking, my best advice is to resize your browser window until the image is just as you like it! quite a patchwork solution i know, but it's the best i've got for now! if you know your way around your browser's development tools, you can also use responsive mode to get the exact screen size you want :)

missing features / todo πŸ«₯

  • copy/pasting images: this turned out to be...weirder to implement than i thought. but it's certainly on the table!
  • shareable links: while not a high-priority feature, it would be cool to be able to share around memes made on this site, with all of the editing features still intact! no promises for now though 🀞