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After build, remove pre-built packages for which no recipe exists (see

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1 parent 225d189 commit 6dc2d0fb9f5f0b091becb4d20ee57b0905114487 @purcell purcell committed Apr 17, 2012
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@@ -405,6 +405,29 @@ If PKG-INFO is nil, an empty one is created."
+(defun pb/archive-file-name (archive-entry)
+ "Return the path of the file in which the package for ARCHIVE-ENTRY is stored."
+ (expand-file-name (format "%s-%s.%s"
+ (car archive-entry)
+ (car (aref (cdr archive-entry) 0))
+ (if (eq 'single (aref (cdr archive-entry) 3))
+ "el"
+ "tar"))
+ package-build-archive-dir))
+(defun pb/remove-archive (archive-entry)
+ "Remove ARCHIVE-ENTRY from archive-contents, and delete associated file.
+Note that the working directory (if present) is not deleted by
+this function, since the archive list may contain another version
+of the same-named package which is to be kept."
+ (message "Removing archive: %s" archive-entry)
+ (let ((archive-file (pb/archive-file-name archive-entry)))
+ (when (file-exists-p archive-file)
+ (delete-file archive-file)))
+ (setq package-build-archive-alist
+ (remove archive-entry package-build-archive-alist))
+ (pb/dump-archive-contents))
(defun pb/read-recipes ()
"Return a list of data structures for all recipes in `package-build-recipes-dir'."
(mapcar 'pb/read-from-file
@@ -494,7 +517,18 @@ If PKG-INFO is nil, an empty one is created."
"Build all packages in the `package-build-alist'."
(mapc 'package-build-archive-ignore-errors
- (mapcar 'symbol-name (mapcar 'car package-build-alist))))
+ (mapcar 'symbol-name (mapcar 'car package-build-alist)))
+ (package-build-cleanup))
+(defun package-build-cleanup ()
+ "Remove previously-built packages that no longer have recipes."
+ (interactive)
+ (let* ((known-package-names (mapcar 'car package-build-alist))
+ (stale-archives (loop for built in package-build-archive-alist
+ when (not (memq (car built) known-package-names))
+ collect built)))
+ (dolist (stale stale-archives)
+ (pb/remove-archive stale))))
(defun package-build-initialize ()
"Load the recipe and archive-contents files."

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