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The Membase Server Superdupervisor.
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The Couchbase Server

This application represents the top of the hierarchy of all memcached smart services. It is an application in the Erlang OTP sense.


Build dependencies include:

  • erlang R16B03


You should use top level make file and repo manifest as explained here:

Runtime dependencies

Before you start the server, you may need to do the following

  • Make sure the needed ports are not being used (these include 8091, 11211, 11212, etc).


After building everything via top level makefile you'll have couchbase-server script in your $REPO/install/bin (or other prefix if you specified so). You can run this script for normal single node startup.

During development it's convenient to have several 'nodes' on your machine. There's ./cluster_run script in root directory for achieving that. Feel free to ask --help. You normally need something like -n2 where 2 is number of nodes you want.

It'll start REST API on ports 9000...9000+n. memcached on ports 12000+2i and 11999-i and moxi ports on 12001+2i ports. CAPI (which was originally expected to be couch-compatible http API implementation) is 9500...9500+n

Note that blank nodes are not configured and need to be setup. I suggest trying web UI first to get the feeling of what's possible. Just visit REST API port(s) via browser. For development mode clusters it's port 9000 and higher. For production mode it's port 8091.

Other alternative is setting up and clustering nodes via REST API. couchbase-cli allows that. And you can easily write your own script(s).

There's ./cluster_connect script that eases cluster configuration for development clusters. Again, ask --help.

Sometimes during debugging/development you want smaller number of vbuckets. You can change vbuckets number by setting COUCHBASE_NUM_VBUCKETS environment variable to desired number of vbuckets before creating new couchbase bucket.

Other tools

Couchbase ships with a bunch of nice tools. Feel free to check $REPO/install/bin (or $PREFIX/bin). One of notable tools is mbstats. It allows you to query buckets for all kinds of internal stats.

Another notable tool is couchbase-cli.

Copyright (c) 2016, Couchbase, Inc.

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