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The Mempool Open Source Project™ mempool

Mempool is the fully-featured mempool visualizer, explorer, and API service running at

It is an open-source project developed and operated for the benefit of the Bitcoin community, with a focus on the emerging transaction fee market that is evolving Bitcoin into a multi-layer ecosystem.


Installation Methods

Mempool can be self-hosted on a wide variety of your own hardware, ranging from a simple one-click installation on a Raspberry Pi full-node distro all the way to a robust production instance on a powerful FreeBSD server.

Most people should use a one-click install method. Other install methods are meant for developers and others with experience managing servers.

One-Click Installation

Mempool can be conveniently installed on the following full-node distros:

We highly recommend you deploy your own Mempool instance this way. No matter which option you pick, you'll be able to get your own fully-sovereign instance of Mempool up quickly without needing to fiddle with any settings.

Advanced Installation Methods

Mempool can be installed in other ways too, but we only recommend doing so if you're a developer, have experience managing servers, or otherwise know what you're doing.

  • See the docker/ directory for instructions on deploying Mempool with Docker.
  • See the backend/ and frontend/ directories for manual install instructions oriented for developers.
  • See the production/ directory for guidance on setting up a more serious Mempool instance designed for high performance at scale.