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MemSQL Streamliner Starter

Build Status

This is a starter repository that you can use to build pipelines for MemSQL Spark Streamliner.

MemSQL Spark Streamliner lets you build custom Spark pipelines to:

  1. extract from real-time data sources such as Kafka,
  2. transform data structures such as CSV, JSON, or Thrift in table rows,
  3. load your data into MemSQL.

Check out the MemSQL Spark Streamliner Examples repository for more example Extractors and Transformers.

Get Started with MemSQL Spark Streamliner

  1. Clone this repository

  2. Modify Extractors.scala and Transformers.scala

  3. Build the JAR with:

    make build
  4. The JAR will be placed in target/scala-<version>/. Upload the JAR to MemSQL Ops and create a pipeline using your custom code.

Read more on how to create custom Spark Interface JARs in our docs.

Run Tests


make test