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Basic Code of Conduct that MENA Devs members abide by:

  • Respect other members of the group and let this CoC guide your actions.
  • Do not insult and engage in degrading behaviours towards any member as these actions will not be tolerated.
  • We encourage freedom of speech and we will try to avoid content censoring, however, apply the utmost consideration for the content discussed or shared by flagging NSFW material, avoiding profanities, and avoiding malicious commentary.
  • Avoid spamming at all cost and / or the abuse of private details of members. Examples of information abuse are, but not limited to: Sharing members' contact information with any 3rd party, Use members' details for sales / promotional purposes, Sharing the content of private discussions on external platforms, etc.
  • You are encouraged to introduce yourself in #general channel and get to know members of the community. We discourage posting announcements or employment requests right after joining in.
  • As a result of breaking any of the rules above, a ban will immediately be applied by an admin after internal deliberation and the delivery of a formal and final warning. The ban is permanent and is not up for debate.


MENA-Devs Group Code of Conduct




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